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David has been an active member of the Colorado skateboarding community since he began skateboarding at the age of 13 in his home town of Niwot, Colorado. David learned how to skateboard from his brother and went on to encourage many of his friends to learn with him. He began working at the YMCA of Boulder Valley in 2006 under the guidance of Ric Widenor in the skateboarding department. David worked with the YMCA for 7 years eventually becoming the Director of the Skateboarding Department.


David graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder 2010 with a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Psychology/Education.  He spent time traveling the world exploring many countries with his best companion, his skateboard.  Along the way, he taught English in Costa Rica in 2012 with TEFL International.  David moved back to Colorado in 2014 and began working with Square State Skate. 


Outside of skateboarding, David also enjoys camping, nature or anything outdoors. If you need to see an awesomely cheesy magic trick (or a really fancy skateboard trick), David is your guy.

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