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These camp days consist of skating our home park in the morning and then taking our “Skate Bus” to at least one other neighboring park each day.  Some skateboarding experience is recommended, but we always have a director dedicated to instruction so we can accommodate beginners. 

Our camps operate from 8:30am-3:30pm (with an optional extended care option offered in Boulder until 5:30pm).



This non-mobile camp meets every weekday 12-3pm at both the Boulder or Denver Squarehouse (5757 Arapahoe Unit B1 or 4321 Broadway Unit 4).  Half Day Camps are tailored to those that are either not ready or less interested in a full day of skating outdoors.  With this instruction-based program, staff is on-hand skating with campers and assisting with skills and tricks, but this is not a traditional lesson program.

Come skate and stay cool with our experienced staff in our indoor skatepark.

$65/day, $280/wk


This program is the full week of our Skate Lessons at rotating locations (please check our calendar). Lessons are designed for new skaters and "never-evers" as participants work on basic fundamentals, learn about skateboard culture, and explore skatepark etiquette and park riding. Please send participants with required skate gear: skateboard, helmet, pads (encouraged) and water bottle. Lessons run from 8:30-10am



Hit the road for a week on our Great Skate Escape - our Overnight Camping Trip. We travel to skateparks in the mountains - Breckenridge, Leadville, Gunnison, Steamboat Springs - and camp out in group tents at nearby public campgrounds. These camping trips are always the highlight of the summer every year and not only introduce kids to new skate terrain, but also expose them to nature, camping skills, and teamwork while reinforcing friendships and social skills.

$699/wk - 8-11 y.o. (3 nights)

$805/wk - 12-15 y.o. (4 nights)

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