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Skateboarding is a funny way to spend your time. Skateboards are nothing more than a plank of wood, a turning mechanism, and four wheels. To me (and to every other skate-rat I’ve met), though, they represent much more. To a non-skateboarder, what we do probably looks like little more than a hobby, like playing with a yo-yo or taking up a woodwind instrument. But as someone who was introduced to skateboarding at a young age and has spent the past 16 years consumed by it at the expense of grade point averages and normal teenage social outings, I can assure you, skateboarding is much more than a hobby.

But why is skateboarding more than a hobby? Why is Colorado sprawling with skateparks and not designated yo-yo courts? What is it about skateboarding that inspires such strong friendships and feelings of comradery? And why do I still not regret ditching my senior prom to skate a crummy parking lot with friends?

The answer to all of these questions is simple, the skate community. Every healthy skateboard community is made up of local skaters and they are the backbone of the local skate scene. They are the support system that is able to advocate for a skatepark in their area, or keep the lights on in their core skate shop, or get a crew together to produce a skate video. Members of the skate community aren’t hard to spot either, they’re the ones that shovel the park in the dead of winter, and sweep it up the the blistering heat of summer. They support skater owned merchandise and are always looking out for what’s best for the community. They are the ones that build friendships based on this shared love for 4 wheels on a piece of wood.

We are lucky, dare I say spoiled, to have so many amazing skateparks and local skate companies in our area. But that didn’t happen by chance. Each park, and shop, and homie video that we get to enjoy are the culmination of countless hours from an untold number of members of our skateboard community.

If you’re like me and you’re not content with simply enjoying the spoils of a vibrant skateboarding community, but rather you feel compelled to be a part of something greater than yourself, then Square State Skate has some very exciting news to share.

WE HAVE OUR OWN FACILITY! That’s right, a real, brick and mortar building in the Boulder area for which we will be able to operate programs, lessons, and many many more new programs and events. It’s Our Spot. Yeah, it’s ours… and that’s the name. Our Spot.

Much like the skateparks, businesses, and tight knit crews that make up our community, introducing everyone to Our Spot will be no easy task. But with the right amount of effort and support from our amazing community, we can turn this building into the central hub of the Boulder skateboarding community.

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