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Is it true? Is summer really almost over? It seems like just yesterday that we were greeting the start of summer with our mint condition skateboards and non existent farmers tans. But now school is starting up again and and summer can’t last forever...Right?

Well fear not, because skateboarding has no season! That is especially true with our new facility… the Squarehouse Warehouse (our indoor skate facility at 5757 Arapahoe in Boulder). We will be offering year round sessions, lessons and a whole slew of new types of programming through the facility.

But before we jump too deep into school-year programming, I think now is the perfect time to take a look back at our summer and celebrate how great it was! So in no particular order, here’s a list of my personal highlights from the past summer:

  • The SquareHouse

  • Thanks to the ridiculous hours and backbreaking labor our staff has offered, we now have our own personal skatepark! The park is beautiful, and thanks to our community, its starting to feel more like a home. Thanks to everyone who made it to our grand opening and to our several lock-in events!

  • New Square State Skateboards-

  • Not to toot my own horn, but I personally think the new Square State graphics came out pretty sweet! And the new “Skate Ratz” shirts aren’t too shabby either. Can you find all the counselors names hidden on the new boards?

  • Sea the Mermaid Challenge-

  • Our skaters participated in the #SeaTheMermaid challenge by decorating a mermaid and dedicating a trick for a child battling cancer. Our crews showed an outpouring of support and ended up contributing several dozen mermaids and tricks for a patient in need!

  • Girls Only Skate Event-

  • We completely took over the Thornton skatepark as local girl skaters shredded, hung out, and enjoyed a delicious BBQ courtesy of the good dudes at 303 skateboards. I think we’re going to need a bigger skatepark next time!

  • Curbside Contest-

  • Members of Square State’s Team Tepid and others represented in a big way at the Curbside Contest in Denver, taking home the top spots in their respectful heats. Great job guys and girls!

  • New Faces-

  • Gyles joined us as a counselor and we couldn’t be happier. He shreds and he’s about as easy going as they come. We’ve also been fortunate enough to bring on Blake Wagner and Noah Gibbs as junior counselors and have been thoroughly impressed with their performance both on and off the board.

  • Camping trips

  • Yeah, I know I didn’t get to go on the camping trip this year. But the pictures and videos make me feel like I was apart of Team Tepid. Looks like it was an amazing time and I’m only completely jealous about it.

Although we’re sad to see summer go, I don’t hesitate to say this has been the best summer I’ve had with Square State Skate. Thank you so much for helping us make a place within skateboarding, but a community as well. You guys are my favorite part about skateboarding, and I’ll keep seeing you throughout the school year!

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